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Description : + Story 1: The heroine is a girl named Mio. Today is her 16th birthday, and to celebrate, her friends are taking her to get her body painted. A handsome guy wanted to paint her, has a small crush and he even kisses her because Mio has the prettiest body he has seen? She can’t quite believe it when, the next day, he appears at her school in his red sports car, ready to pick her up for a date! + Story 2: A 3rd year high school student Rena is tall and beautiful, and very self-confident. She has had many boyfriends and is popular. And she can take care of herself. However, one night while on the train, an old man gropes her behind. Rena punishes him, but before she can do much, she is ‘rescued’ by a handsome guy who claims she is his girlfriend. Although Rena doesn’t think she really needed the help, but the guy is very cute, and has a sort of charisma. + Story 3: A cute guy, Takatsu-kun, inviting a girl, Nozomi, over to his house while his parents are out of town. This invitation catches Nozomi by surprise, and she doesn’t know what to do. All of her classmates are surprised too. Nozomi just recently started going out with Takatsu. What he seems to imply by her visit to his house seems awfully sudden to her, after that what will happen?

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