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The Main character of this pornhwa is Hyun. Yeah, while reading this webtoon you need to be reminded of that. At season 1, he starts off as a typical nerdy guy. Only difference is that he doesn’t wear glasses, but he is typical beta male and shit. He is a genius because he can predict the outcomes of gambling games with the magical power of Statistics. (yeah, this series basically teaches you that studying math pays off, who knew!)

Anyway, main antagonist of this series is the buff guy who is a rip off of Sakuragi from Slam dunk, Gunner. He is the alpha male who gets all the bitches. Because he is alpha male, he also has a group of young thugs following him around.  Oh yeah, all these people just graduated from high school but look like Jojo characters. And they get more pussy than you.

All right, time for the bitches… First is Mia, the female main character who everyone in this series hates. Not only is Gunner banging her, she is also his girlfriend. For some retarded reason, she voluntarily gave herself to Gunner to protect her from mean girl bullies. You know, instead of reporting to the principal? Shame them in social media? Dammit, and Mia is supposed to be the smartest girl at school? Whatever. Next is Sophie, yellow blonde mistress of Gunner and everyone’s favourite character. She is the hottest in this series but has the personality of a diva. They say she is tsundere but nah… she wants gunner dick.

Next is Anna, Sophie’s BFF and has the largest boobs in the series. She looks like shit in season 1, but because author needed more girls, they redrew her well at season 2.

Next is Lina. Gunner’s prostitute with a mysterious past. Melee weapon specialist.

Finally, there is Miss Song, Hyun’s teacher who is a masochist and enjoys getting dominated by her students. Damn it, where were these teachers when I was at school?

This series is titled Silent War because Hyun is silently fighting with Gunner. He knows he can’t win directly, but with the power of plot and main character development, he is sure to defeat Gunner and claim his Kingdom. You know, then it becomes… My Kingdom? Yeah, basically it. Have fun reading!

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